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The Narayana Group, with 38 years of experience in teaching for competitive examinations, has the expertise to make you succeed. We are offering you, dear students, the best of our time-tested expertise through our courses by correspondence. Our name is synonym ous with reliability, trust, and excellence. It means that you, our student, receive the care that you need.

Our History

NARAYANA Group's mission is not simply to impart coaching through correspondence course, but to prepare you for a big leap ahead. With the help of a scientific approach and through the total backing of their R & D cell, the Group has conducted thorough research on the requirements of the students who want to hit the target through correspondence course or Test Series.

The study material offered by the institute has been shaped by the eminent faculty with rich teaching experience in their respective fields. The course is designed in such a way that it gives the student a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, apart from building confidence and developing skills. You can also evaluate yourself through a well planned testing system consisting of unit exercises and tests.

The institute has also an unique system of analyzing students at Micro and Macro levels and give the feedback to them as well as to their parents to improve upon their mistakes. There is doubt clearing facility which is available to the students through letters and online.

  • If you prefer to study at a comfortable place of your own
  • If you do not wish to or not able to afford to leave your home.
  • If you cannot afford a full-fledged classroom program.
  • If you are already in a classroom program elsewhere and you want to still get
  • what your friends are learning at Narayana, yes it is also for you.
  • If you are someone who is intelligent and enjoy competition, it is the course for you!

Narayana's correspondence courses differs from its competitors in the following ways: Our unique Net-Guru scheme uses the internet to your advantage: you can e-mail your questions and Narayana's experts will answer promptly.

You will get the advantage of our well organized system of testing and statistical analyses. This gives you important feedback on the skills that you need to acquire in order to beat the competition. The system of micro-level analysis developed by us will enable you to assess your strengths and weakness and fine tune your preparation. Our macro-level analysis will give you the bigger picture.

We offer more test-centers all over India for your convenience.

The courses have been designed by eminent faculty with rich teaching experience. The study material will give you a solid foundation in theory. It will equip you with the knowledge of various types of problems and problem-solving strategies. It will increase your confidence. And get you moving and ready to take the challenge of competitive examinations Head-on.

NARAYANA's power-packed study material includes detailed theory coupled with suitable examples for easier understanding. The exhaustive study material has been thoroughly prepared by eminent faculty members and authors of acclaimed books, possessing an in-depth hold over the respective subjects. It is also accompanied by doubt clearance scheme in our effort to make it as good as our classroom programmes. With in-depth level wise (sub-topic wise, topic-wise & chapter-wise and from basic to advanced) explanation of concepts in all subjects, the study packages aims to making the basics really strong. Then there are detailed exercises and its solutions dispatched in a systematic manner that will greatly help keep track of their performance . The entire material has been prepared to equip you with the knowledge of various types of problems and problem-solving strategies, to increase your confidence. And get you moving and ready to take the challenge of competitive examinations Head-on.


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